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Friday, February 08, 2013

Stories to Watch: 2/8/13

Image from Indian pilgrimage to Ganges

A GOP internal poll showing Ashley Judd within the margin of error in a hypothetical Senate race against Mitch McConnell has the GOP visibly spooked. If the Republican Senate majority leader's seat in Kentucky isn't safe, then that doesn't say good things about GOP chances nationwide. So they're running an attack ad to scare her off before she's even announced whether she'll run.

Paul Krugman calls BS on John Boehner's Washington "spending problem" talk. Granted, it's not much of a challenge knocking down the Orange One's factually-challenged talking points, but Krugman's good at it, so it's fun to watch.

Meanwhile, this was the super-constructive way that Republicans spent their day. Seriously, they really do seem to believe that "bitching" and "governing" are synonyms.

Neocons have terrible aim. First they attack Iraq for something fifteen Saudis, one Egyptian, one Lebanese, and a couple of guys from the Union of Arab Emirates did. Now this.

The GOP Civil War is now official. There will be Obama's State of the Union address, the GOP response delivered by Marco Rubio, then a Tea Party response to Obama and Rubio delivered by leading pseudo-Libertarian frootloop Rand Paul.

This is the nearest near-miss asteroid I ever want to hear about.

Politically speaking, Chris Christie doesn't have a weight problem. No one really cares that much. He does, however, have an anger management problem. And that could keep him out of the White House. No one wants to give a hothead the launch codes.

In addition to federal law, House Democrats plan to use programs at the local level to help curb gun violence.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback proves that, in order to love Republican economic ideas, you have to really suck at math.

President Obama seems pretty confident that Republicans will take the blame if sequester negotiations fail. Why else would he put out a "doom-laden survey of sequestration impacts?" If you thought you'd take the blame, you'd paint as rosy a picture as possible.

Finally, there's a great big storm right where our nation's air traffic used to be. Stay safe, folks.

[photo via Associated Press]

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