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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wingnuts can’t be satisfied, so ignore them completely

VA letter screen grab

The image above is from a letter sent from the Veteran’s Administration to vets. It was posted by mentally helpless rightwing blogger Jim Hoft. For some reason, this frootloop is influential in the wingnut media, so this story’s all over the place. Basically, the letter informs vets that a “determination of incompetency” from the VA will keep a vet from legally owning, buying, or possessing firearms. The letter is apparently sent to veterans seeking disability benefits.

“This must be Barack Obama’s way of thanking our veterans for serving,” Hoft sneers.

Here’s the problem, as explained by tireless moron fighter Charles Johnson:

Oddly enough, Hoft left out a rather important piece of information: this provision only applies to veterans who are found to be mentally ill, and whose veteran’s benefits have been legally placed in a guardianship due to incompetence. Hoft phrased his idiotic semi-literate post in a way that deliberately misleads his audience into thinking this rule is being arbitrarily applied to all veterans — and that is simply false.

So, when people suggest gun regulation, gun nuts demand we “just enforce the laws we have” and keep guns away from people who are deemed legally dangerous. When we follow that advice, they shriek, “OMG! They’re enforcing the laws we have! It’s TYRANNY!!

Clearly, people like Hoft and his audience have no interest in rational debate. They just want to howl and throw their crap out of their monkey cage at all the rest of us. They don’t have any point in their constant whining, because it’s not about having a point, it’s about the whining. Pay them no mind, they are not serious people. Not even close.

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