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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Irony is dead: pro-gun control sign censored because of a lack of permit

Democrat and Chronicle:

The gun control sign on Lake Road in Webster, [New York] has been covered up because it violates the town’s sign ordinance, according to the town codes enforcement officer.

There is a four-by-eight-foot billboard on the lot at 185 Lake Road, where John Kohut’s house used to stand. It reads, in red block lettering, “HOW MANY DEATHS WILL IT TAKE ‘TIL WE KNOW TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED?”

It was first put up in January and stayed there until earlier this week, when it was covered by a black tarpaulin on which someone spray-painted, “CENSORED.”

George Winter, the town’s code enforcement officer, said the town looked into the sign after someone complained.

It’s pretty clear that people complaining didn’t have a problem with the sign itself, so much with the message. I’m sure these lunkheads think they’re patriots nd they are wrong.

“Second Amendment = sacrosanct. First Amendment = some stupid Bob Dylan song or something. Cover it up,” is not a patriot’s reasoning.

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