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Monday, March 11, 2013

Stories to Watch: 3/11/13

Nancy Pelosi accuses John Boehner of being "happy" about the sequester being triggered. It's a charge the Orange One will have a hard time denying.

After feminist writer Zerlina Maxwell argued on Fox News that guns weren't a solution to rape (the fault for a crime shouldn't lie with the potential victims), she got racist rape and death threats from Tea Party/gun nut psychos. It's generally a bad idea to jump into a gun debate as a pro-gun type and immediately prove that you have no business anywhere near a firearm, but these lunatics do it all the time.

Sen. John Cornyn takes credit for a provision in the violence Against Women Act. The problem: Cornyn voted against the VAWA.

A glimpse into the rightwing mind: when FrontPageMag reporter Mark Tapson "infiltrated" the Muslim Student Association’s annual West Coast conference, he expected to find all sorts of crazy terrorist recruiting and America hating -- all sponsored, for some reason, by the Muslim Brotherhood. What he found instead was "largely very innocuous," in his own words. Of course, for Tapson the fact that there was no evidence at all of any radical Islamist goings-on was proof positive that there were radical Islamist goings-on. Turns out that, according to Tapson, this was iron-clad proof they were hiding what they were really up to, which was "capturing the hearts and minds of the young" and steer them "toward further radicalization down the line." After all, if they weren't all terrorists, why would they be so successful in hiding the fact that they're all terrorists?

Out-of-work senator and founder of the John McCain fan club Joe Lieberman surprises no one by joining the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute, where he'll no doubt eventually advocate military strikes against every nation on Earth, because -- for neocons, at least -- war is the answer to everything.

Jeb Bush has way too much political baggage to ever be president -- starting with the fact that he won't (and probably can't) distance himself from his brother's disastrous presidency.

Finally, a man in his underwear shoots up a Pennsylvania bar with an assault weapon, killing one. Today's Second Amendment hero.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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