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Monday, March 18, 2013

Stories to Watch: 3/18/13

This is just depressing: Gallup finds that only 53% believe the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Worse, the younger the respondents were, the more likely they are to believe it wasn't -- and that Vietnam and Afghanistan weren't mistakes either. If those who don't know history really are doomed to repeat it, then we have embraced our doom. Maybe it is time to bring back the draft. It's a lot harder to support war if there's a chance it'll be your ass on the line.

Related: this story should be a huge "stop the presses!"-type blockbuster, but it will probably not even make a ripple: British and US intelligence agencies knew that Iraq had no WMDs and that they didn't have a program to develop any -- and they knew this before the invasion of Iraq. Someone should go to prison for this. Compare and contrast with the previous item.

Hey Republicans, want to cut a lot of spending? Great! Quit blindly throwing money at the military-industrial complex... Or weren't you actually serious?

Sources say Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper will sign common sense gun regulations into law.

The next time some panicked wingnut starts shrieking that we're going to turn into Greece if government spending doesn't stop rising, show them this. Then explain that the lack of government spending is why recovery is so slow. Then cover yourself in a clear plastic tarp, because their head will explode.

"Sen. Bob Menendez hooker scandal" update: it's beginning to very much look like there is no Bob Menendez hooker scandal.

Markos points out that things wingnuts tell each other about Barack HUSSEIN Obama all contradict the other things they tell each other. This isn't actually anything new -- conservative ideas have contradicted other conservative ideas for decades (i.e., "pro-life," pro-war, and pro-gun). But it's nice to have it all laid out neatly occasionally, to remind us of how absurd it all is.

Why I don't bother watching the local TV news. Get a paper, people. It's immeasurably better.

Although on that point, the Washington Post is going up behind a paywall. Like other newspaper paywalls (other than the Wall Street Journal's), it doesn't sound extremely aggressive.

The University of Central Florida narrowly escapes being the scene of another school massacre.

Father Guido Sarducci on Pope Francis.

What is it with the media and the Steubenville rapists? The idea that criminals are responsible for their crimes is hardly a radical new concept.

Holy crap: a report by the National Academy of Sciences finds that greener cars could reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050. That's huge. We need to do this.

Finally, polling shows that the shift in opinion on marriage equality has been "dramatic." This news comes as Hillary Clinton publicly announces her support for same-sex marriage. It's probably a good sign she's seriously considering running for president.

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