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Monday, March 25, 2013

Stories to Watch: 3/25/13

The rightwing website The Daily Caller runs a story about the White Students Union -- a hate group -- at Towson University. Seems WSU plans to run nighttime "patrols" to fight a "wave of black crime" that's pretty much a figment of their imaginations. DC should probably avoid these stories, since the comment thread is just one long racist screed. If you don't want people to believe the right is racist, it's probably a bad idea to give them the opportunity to parade their hate around.

Meanwhile, the Breitbart Memorial Hack Refuge reports that Sasha and Malia Obama actually have the nerve to spend spring break in the Bahamas. That comment thread likewise turns into a racist hatefest.

Generating giant NRG Energy, Inc. is bypassing utilities to use solar to generate power onsite. In the future, they plan to add natural gas generation to make site self-sufficient. Consumers are realizing “they don’t need the power industry at all,” says NRG CEO David Crane.

On expanded background checks, John McCain becomes a "key player."

The strictest abortion ban in the nation means that the War on Women is being waged on N. Dakota. As always, women show up to fight.

Ironically, the extra-long winter in the US can be attributed to melting ice caps.

Sens. Mark Warner and Claire McAskill come out in favor of marriage equality. Of course, the issue is getting a big week before the Supreme Court.

When conservatives don't like certain facts, they simply deny reality. So it should surprise no one to hear that the "skewed poll" hypothesis is back.

Finally, More people than ever say they know someone in the LGBT community and, as a result, support marriage equality.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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