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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stories to Watch: 3/27/13

Pro- and anti-marriage equality protesters outside the Supreme Court

Got some leftovers from yesterday, when I wasn't able to get much of the headlines done before I had to quit. Seems a shame to waste them, so here they are (besides, I didn't want to waste that photo -- it's great):

ThinkProgress asks anti-marriage equality protesters how same-sex unions have affected their own marriages. The result: a bunch of people who seem to have no idea why they're protesting what they're protesting.

In fact, the right has been so rife with bullshit today that you really have to wonder if anyone knows why they're against gay marriage. After all, if they did, they wouldn't need to make up so many crazy reasons.

After bomb-making materials are found in his car, it's beginning to look like the guy who shot the Colorado prisons chief is one of those terrorist rightwing extremists we've been assured are imaginary.

Conservative pundits have taken to blaming the Iraq War for all the GOP's problems. Democrats should cheer this development, because it's so wrong and would be sure to get more of them elected.

And now today's:

Stu Rothenberg says the current round of gun control efforts have run out of steam and we'll be lucky to get even expanded background checks. If this has to be a generational effort, then let's have a generational effort. No let up until we win.

Former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer will do time for money laundering and theft. He'll do 18 months because, according to the judge, "I feel that this crime deserves prison. You egregiously violated a position of trust."

Indiana Republicans look at regulating abortion clinics out of existence. It never ceases to amaze me how politically tone deaf this whole War on Women thing is. Did they learn nothing from 2012? Apparently not.

Louie Gohmert throws his weight around to get out of a $25 parking ticket. Witnesses describe him as "ranting" and "rude and irate." To make matters worse, he was wrong. He deserved the ticket.

Climate change deniers like to argue that climate models are a flawed method of proving global warming. If this is true, then why have they been so damned accurate?

Speaking of bad science: Kansas legislators are working on a bill that would allow the quarantine of AIDS and HIV patients. I thought we got past this sort of idiocy back in the '80s.

Ashley Judd rules out a run against Mitch McConnell. After being the target of rape jokes from the right, it's not a surprise. These people are scum.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to publish a book about what a wonderful governor he is and how it might be a good idea to make him president. Unfortunately, he's so unappealing that he has to hire Marc Theissen to ghostwrite it. Theissen's last gig with a politician was pimping torture for Bush, so he's good at selling awful things to gullible and soulless people.

Finally, Walmart's cut their workforce so severely that it's beginning to hurt sales. The weird thing is that no one at corporate HQ seems to see what's happening.

[photo via LA Times]

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