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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stories to Watch: 3/28/13

It's fairly common for politicians who promote gun control to get death threats.

Related: when the gun control group Moms Demand Action held a rally in Indianapolis, thugs with loaded guns showed up to menace the attendees. What colossal assholes these people are. And stupid. What better way to make sure people stay worried about guns in the hands of nutjobs than to show up with guns and act like nutjobs?

A group of Republican Senators are so afraid of the gun debate that they want to filibuster any gun control bill. Since the bill to strengthen laws against illegal gun trafficking has fairly broad bipartisan support, I'm not convinced they'd have the votes. Still, it's one more example of why we need to reform the filibuster and bring democracy to the US senate.

Meanwhile, Sandy Hook families make a passionate plea for gun control in an ad that targets holdout senators. This is probably the sort of thing the GOP cowards are so terrified of.

Hey, remember public bathroom sex enthusiast Larry Craig? Yeah, he's still got himself some trouble over the incident that made him infamous.

Pres. Obama uses an executive order to create a "presidential commission on elections" to push back on the Republican War on Democracy.

A handy map of abortion laws.

I've always called the rightwing think-tank The Heritage Foundation a bullshit factory. It's reporting on Obamacare costs doesn't do a lot to change that opinion.

Finally, Limbaugh throws in the towel in the marriage fight. "This issue is lost," he said. "It is now inevitable." Not surprisingly, he's a very sore loser and continues to be a bigot.

[photo by FaceMePLS. Background story here.]

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