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Friday, March 29, 2013

Stories to Watch: 3/29/13

Nun uses walkie-talkie during Good Friday event

Liz Cheney's having none of this talk about the GOP changing anything for anyone just to get votes! Because that's such a good idea.

Bush's wars will cost Americans between $4-$6 trillion. Remember, Republicans are for fiscal sanity.

A Libertarian group rates North Dakota -- which recently passed the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation -- as the "freest" state in America. So it's not actually very Libertarian at all, unless you can figure out some way to spin forcing women to give birth against their will as "liberty." No, this is the phony Ron and Rand Paul/Koch brothers sort of "Libertarianism," where they just use a different word because they think it has more intellectual heft than "Republican." According to Alex Pareene, liberty is measured by "the right of people with money to keep it all, and for everyone else to fuck off. Almost any Liberty issue that wouldn’t concern a straight, white, male capitalist is wholly ignored."

Wisconsin continues to suffer under the leadership and vision of Republican Governor Scott Walker. His brilliant grasp of economics has dragged the state down to 44th in the nation for job creation. Bonus fun: "wages in Wisconsin fell faster and harder than most of the nation. When ranked by the percentage change in all private-sector employment, Wisconsin average wages had the 45th-worst ranking out of 50 states." So all those attacks on workers and the poor that amount to a War on Consumer Demand? Totally paying off the way you'd expect.

It's been a bad day for the GOP's Latino outreach effort.

When it comes to saving Medicare and Social Security from needless cuts, Americans don't have a friend in the White House.

Sarah Palin attacked Republican consultants in her CPAC speech, but her political action committee is a hog trough for consultants.

Finally, President Obama is doing what he can to regulate firearm violence through executive orders.

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