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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A bill so cartoonishly evil, it could only have come from the NRA


Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) hinted on Tuesday that he would oppose a Democratic initiative to expand background checks to all gun purchases, but reiterated his support for an NRA-backed measure that would permit individuals deemed mentally ill or incompetent to purchase firearms more freely. Pryor is part of small group of Democrats in red states who have not endorsed universal background checks, even though the measure is supported by a majority of residents.

“You know, I’m a Second Amendment guy, everybody knows that. People in our state are very strong believers in the Second Amendment and the right to gun ownership,” Pryor told “The Alice Stewart Show,” which airs on KHTE 96.5 The Voice. The conservative Democrat then highlighted his co-sponsorship of an NRA concocted proposal that would reduce the number of records in the existing background check system by removing prohibitions against individuals who were involuntarily committed to mental institutions.

Wasn’t the NRA just out there saying we needed to enforce laws to keep guns away from people who’s mental illness makes them a danger to themselves and others? Why yes, yes they were.

Now here they are saying we need to get rid of those laws they were just endorsing. Why? Because they’re soulless, lying sacks, that’s why. They never wanted to keep guns out of the hands of dangerously sick people. That was just a politically convenient argument to make at the time. Now they feel safe in pursuing their real agenda of selling more guns and creating more crime which sells more guns which creates more crime and lather, rinse, repeat. If opposing these background checks means more innocent people get killed, well that’s just fucking fantastic — because every time there’s a massacre, gun sales spike. Mass shooters are the best sales force ever. The NRA wants to expand that sales force.

And can we stop pretending that blood lobby corruption is a solely Republican problem? There may be more GOPers for sale on this issue, but the Democratic Party’s hands are hardly blood free. We need to weed these jerks out. Let them run in Republican Party primaries, where they belong.

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