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Friday, April 05, 2013

Boehner’s dickishness pays off for liberals


House Speaker John Boehner immediately dismissed President Barack Obama’s package of significant new entitlement cuts tied to new tax revenues, calling them “no way to lead and move the country forward.”

The White House had portrayed the proposal, part of the budget it will release next week, as a compromise with Congressional Republicans that could have put them on track for another run at a grand bargain.

But Boehner said he will not consider new revenues as part of the deal, arguing that “modest” entitlement savings should not “be held hostage for more tax hikes.”
Basically, Boehner’s saying that he likes sequestration better than he likes revenue — which is stupid. Every time Boehnner and his Tea Party wing of the Republican lunatic asylum pulls something like this, they sign their names on sequestration yet again. At this point, it’s the Republican sequester, because it’s absolutely clear they have no interest in doing anything about it — or even that they’re particularly worried about it

And he did liberals a favor by rejecting the “grand bargain” once again. We shouldn’t be cutting entitlement spending, because it adds nothing to the deficit. Chained CPI is merely a raid on the Social Security trust fund to plug budget holes. It’s basically legalized theft of your retirement savings.

Let the guys who blew the hole in the budget plug the budget holes. Tax the rich — it’s not class warfare, it’s getting them to pay back what they blew.

Thanks John, once again your pigheadness saves everyone from your party’s redistributionist ideas.

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