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Monday, April 22, 2013

Republicans defend freedom — except for most of the time

ThinkProgress: The Central Carolina Community College has stopped airing “The Rant,” a weekly radio political program, after North Carolina State Rep. Mike C. Stone (R) objected to its commentary.

Stone’s state legislative office complained to the college’s president after one of the program’s hosts criticized Stone’s proposals to subvert local control and add more partisanship to the political process.

NC Policy Watch

reported Friday that, following the critical editorial against Stone’s proposals, Stone’s legislative assistant sent CCCC President T.E. “Bud” Marchant an email asking if the program is affiliated with the college. A day later, Stone’s aide followed up with more questions from the second-term legislator…
Two days after the first email, “The Rant” was off the air.

Look at all the big government oppression here: Stone wants government to stick its big nose in local decision-making and, when someone complains about it, here comes the censor.

The GOP’s America, where you can use guns to protect your freedom to shut the hell up and do as your Republican overlords say.

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