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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stories to Watch: 4/10/13

Protestor opposes cuts to entitlements outside White House

A top Republican attacks Pres. Obama's budget as a "shocking attack on seniors." And he's not wrong. Strange how Republicans are suddenly all for an undeniably socialist program, though. Brian Buetler writes that this sort of self-laid trap is something that's bound to happen when you negotiate with yourself. The chained CPI cut was an attempt by Obama to meet the GOP halfway -- before the GOP even made any demands. He's made this same damned mistake so many times... You'd think he'd have learned it was dumb by now.

It strikes me that Pres. Obama and Paul Ryan share one thing: both have put out budget plans that rely on the fact that they don't stand a chance in hell of being passed in anything remotely resembling their present forms.

Everything you need to know about the background checks debate.

In trying to win over African-American voters, Sen. Rand Paul claims he never opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This is just a damned lie.

Yet another Republican realizes that the sequester is real and that it hurts real people. If there's any upside to sequestration, it's in getting Republican after Republican to demand government spending.

Rallies all over the country today in support of comprehensive immigration reform. We're starting to get an idea what that reform would look like.

Anthony Weiner might be ready to try a comeback. This actually doesn't seem very farfetched.

OK, now Grover Norquist's Club for Growth is for chained CPI. That wasn't the case earlier today. These people need to get their stories straight.

Finally, a man tries to use his firearm to protect himself from government. As so often happens in these cases, he's dead now.

[photo via McClatchy-Tribune Wire]

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