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Monday, April 01, 2013

Stories to Watch: 4/1/13

Historical photo of children with maypole at White House Easter Egg Roll

The annual White House Easter Egg Roll focused on healthy eating for children -- which I guess is a crushing blow to liberty, for some reason.

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It's looking like that DMCA notice on the 3D gun printer's site is an April Fools' hoax.

Rightwingers freak out when Google honors Cesar Chavez with a doodle on Easter. I love how these "freedom" humpers demand that everyone celebrate their holidays. Not really sure they really understand this whole "religious liberty" thing. Bonus fun: pea-brained ball of hatred Michelle Malkin confuses Cesar Chavez with Hugo Chavez and has an even bigger freak-out than the rest.

Greg Sargent identifies a misconception with Republicans' demographic problems. The mainstream GOP leadership seem to believe that social conservatism with Todd Akin-style tone-deafness is their whole problem. But they seem to forget that Mitt Romney ran on fiscal issues with traditional GOP economic arguments and he lost pretty badly. Mitt wasn't running a social issues campaign. Economic GOPers are pointing at the religious nutjobs, the religious nutjobs are pointing right back at them, and they're both right.

The NYPD's use of 'stop and frisk' is looking pretty damned racist. Think back to how the department handled the Occupy Wall Street squatters and you have to assume that the NYPD is just broken.

HBO programming president Michael Lombardo says copyright violators "certainly didn’t negatively impact the DVD sales" of Game of Thrones. He calls the "piracy" of GoT "a compliment." It's an overlooked question in the filesharing debate as to whether a pirated copy of something actually represent a lost sale. Studies show that they don't and, in some cases, free distribution of files may actually help sales.

More of that terrorism by rightwing extremists that's supposed to be so imaginary.

It's quickly becoming evident that no lie is too low for shameless Republican demagogue Ted Cruz.

Republicans anti-Obamacare stance is hurting them with Latinos as much as anything else.

Sen. Bob Casey joins the growing ranks of Democrats who've publicly endorsed marriage equality.

Finally, Lady Gaga turned down a $1 million gig at the RNC. That's called integrity.

[image from the White House]

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