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Thursday, May 23, 2013

And today’s Second Amendment Hero is…

Raw Story: Police in Philadelphia are hoping that video of a man shooting up a strip club with an AK-47 assault rifle over a DJ’s song selection will lead to his arrest.

Investigators on Wednesday said that 21-year-old Henry Pettigrew was being sought for the May 11th shooting at Purple Orchid Gentleman’s Club.

Police said that bouncers at the club tried to remove him after he became angry because the DJ would not play his favorite song.

Pettigrew and an accomplice then assaulted a customer, who they mistook for one of the bouncers. When the customer ran to the parking lot and tried to flee in his SUV, Pettigrew grabbed an AK-47 and began firing at the vehicle. The customer was hit above his right hip and was expect to recover.
Pettigrew was so hammered that he couldn’t stand up as he tried to return to the club. He was firing “wildly, obviously with an AK-47 with a banana clip, it can fire multiple rounds at a high rate of speed very quickly,” Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson Lt. Johnny Walker said.

A drunk in a strip club shooting innocent bystanders with a weapon capable of firing a lot of bullets in a real big hurry — because a DJ refused to take a request. Totally what the founders had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment, right? Pettigrew is still at large and obviously willing to start shooting for the stupidest goddam reasons imaginable.

Remember, it’s the tremendous saturation of guns in America that keeps us all so safe!

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