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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Man uses assault rifle on cop at traffic stop

Raw Story: A Colorado man is in critical condition on Wednesday after he used an AR-15 assault rifle to fire at an officer and then was shot himself.

A Longmont Police Department press release obtained by the Coloradoan said that the 36-year-old police officer had stopped the suspect at about 2:15 a.m. on Tuesday for driving without headlights.

The suspect got out of his vehicle and “advanced on the officer and began firing multiple rounds at the officer with an AR-15-style rifle,” the statement said.

The officer returned fire, hitting the man three or more times. The department said that the officer had not been injured in the shoot out.
Once again, a man uses his patriotic right to a crazy-assed gun to defend himself from government and winds up shot. Turns out this protecting yourself from government thing doesn’t actually work very well. This guy lost to a single cop, imagine how well you’d do with an AR-15 when the Blackhawk helicopters came in low over the horizon.

And this is what using your Sacred Second Amendment Freedoms to protect yourself from government looks like; some psychopathic goon taking potshots at police. Somehow, I doubt that’s what the founders envisioned.

[photo by wwootton1]

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