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Friday, May 10, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/10/13

Here's the final headlines post for the week. As always, hover your cursor over the links to get the headlines. Have a nice Mothers Day weekend, everyone.

Another day, another story about one kid accidentally shooting another kid in the face. Childhood in America, where we just don't give a fuck if kids live or die. This sort of thing literally happens every day. In fact, several times a day. A kid is shot once every 3 three hours and 15 minutes -- 2,694 a year. And no one does anything about it, because it would be too inconvenient for a few whiny, loudmouthed gun owners.

Eugene Robinson wonders if the Benghazi-mongers will ever settle on one conspiracy theory or if they'll keep pushing a bunch of weak ones until they find one that wounds Hillary Clinton. We have yet to see any evidence of anything even remotely criminal so far. Some "scandal," huh?

Related: you'll be surprised to learn that the attack in Benghazi -- which killed four people -- was "much worse" than 9/11 -- which killed three thousand. I'm going to go ahead and say that's like a billion times more hyperbolic than anything anyone's ever said in the history of people saying stuff. A billion times. Easily.

A worthwhile side-project: saving monarch butterflies.

I still can't decide whether Alex Jones' conspiracy theorizing and rage pimping is just an act to scam chumps or if he's genuinely psychotic.

And Jones is only slightly more goofy than the rest of the rightwing media.

The IRS apologizies for targeting rightwing groups for extra scrutiny, saying it wasn't politically motivated. Here's how it happened. Dem Sen. Carl Levin promises an investigation.

Of course, that's not to say a lot of the groups didn't deserve the extra attention.

Jonathon Chait says that the Heritage Foundation's racist pseudo-science scandal actually makes immigration reform more likely to pass. If it fails, "Republicans will never be able to convince Latinos they killed the bill for any reason other than racial animus," he writes, "The need to put this behind them is growing desperate." Nice to see this blow up in Jim DeMint's face.

Finally, was the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas a deliberate criminal act? More here.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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