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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/1/13

Alabama passes a bill making all federal firearms regulations illegal in the state -- even the ones about keeping guns out the hands of criminals. The hilarious part is that it’s being put across like it’s some defense of the Constitution. It is, in fact, itself unconstitutional because of the Supremacy Clause. What would the Republican Party be without all the jawdropping hypocrisy?

Cold: the RNC releases an ad that "uses a black and white photo of the president reaching to embrace the mother of a Sandy Hook shooting victim" to mock him for failing to get legislation around Republican obstructionism. Wow, that is dickish. If there was some sort of Oscar award for Shameless Assholery, it would be a shoe-in. "HAHA! We tore your heart out and stomped on it, Sandy Hook Mom! In your face, Obama-lover!"

It’s a convergence of self-destructive Republican obstinance: immigration reform may fail because the bill is getting too gay-friendly. If they could only figure out how to piss off blacks and women on this, it’d be a perfect example of why the GOP is having a demographic crisis. As it is, it’s just nearly perfect.

A new Time/CNN poll finds that a significant majority (61%) are more concerned with civil liberties than with terrorism following the Boston bomb attack. Only 31% "say they are more concerned about the government failing to enact strong new anti-terrorism policies." Looks like America’s learned something from the Bush years after all. Somewhere, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte are feeling pretty down. The prospects of exploiting this one to promote another round of neocon stupidity look pretty dim.

In less fun polling, 44% of Republicans believe that "in the next few years, an armed revolution might be necessary in order to protect our liberties." Needless to say, this is way out of whack with the mainstream. The GOP slides closer and closer to open terrorism and anti-Americanism.

In news that will come as a shock only to very stupid or ignorant people, the fed says that austerity is "restraining economic growth."

Ted Cruz may be considering humiliating himself with a 2016 presidential run. The guy even looks like McCarthy. It’d be a rout.

The White House says the president hasn’t given up on closing Gitmo, but acknowledge that with GOP obstructionism, there’s not a lot they can do.
A cabbie and Iraq War vet is attacked in DC for the offense of being Muslim.

Finally, the Pope gets all commie on May Day, worrying about disempowered workers like he was Marx or somebody. What’s next, preaching about helping the poor and the sick?

[cartoon via US News]

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