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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/15/13

An Arizona law meant to stop gun buyback programs by cities is turning out to be a failure. Thankfully.

Alfred Hitchcock on gun control.

Dallas, Texas really dodged a bullet when City Council candidate Richard P. Sheridan lost his election. What a freakin' psychopath this guy is.

Pres. Obama accepts the resignation of acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller -- a Bush appointee -- in the IRS controversy. In the meantime, this "scandal" is quickly falling apart.

Louie Gohmert practically challenges Eric Holder to a duel in a congressional hearing after Holder points out that the things Louie had said couldn't possibly be true. "I cannot have a witness challenge my character," Gohmert said. As always, the best way to avoid being called a liar is not to lie in the first place. Louie needs to calm down and stop blaming other people for his bullshitting.

Yes, there is a scientific consensus on climate change and, yes, it is that humans are responsible. That cranks and crackpots don't like that fact is irrelevant.

Republicans demand big cuts to food stamps, because having malnourished children is what America is all about.

In a letter to Ben Bernanke, Sen. Elizabeth Warren endorses a "get tough" approach to Wall Street crime.

The White House releases nearly one hundred pages of emails related to Benghazi. Related: Amb. Stevens turned down offers of extra security for his mission.

[cartoon via USA Today]

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