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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/22/12

In so many recent tragedies, teachers have been the heroes. So maybe let's not listen to Republicans, call them union thugs and freeloaders, and cut them down to fast food wages, OK? Let's treat them like professionals.

Pres. Obama will visit Oklahoma to see the damage first hand this weekend. Compare and contrast with GWB.

Most schools in Oklahoma have no tornado shelters, because they cost too much. There are a few parents who paid a much higher price than a few extra tax dollars

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warns Congress that they're screwing up the economy,

Related: Ezra Klein warns everyone to stop applauding reports of declining deficits. In a recovering economy, this is not good news. "Our deficits aren’t dropping because we’re doing something right," he writes. "They’re dropping because we’re doing everything wrong." By all means, use the numbers to prove Republicans are liars. But don't pretend they're the result of economic and fiscal brilliance.

Scientists are optimistic about a cure for some --but  not all -- AIDS patients.

Filibuster reform for real?

Josh Marshall thinks that Lois Lerner -- the IRS official currently at ground zero for controversy -- needs to be fired. I'm thinking that's probably true, but also that it won't solve anything.

A shockingly brutal terrorist machete attack in the UK ends in suicide by cop.

An FBI agent shoots and kills a man in Miami who was associated with Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. He apparently confessed to being involved with a triple murder that Tsarnaev may also have been involved with. This also seems to have ended in suicide by cop. There is believed to be no relation between this crime and the Boston bombing itself. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was just a very violent individual, it seems.

Arizona state Rep. Juan Mendez quotes Carl Sagan, rather than saying a prayer before a session of the House. This shocking bit of Religious Freedom from an atheist would not stand, however, and a proper prayer was offered the next day to appease mighty Cthulhu -- or somebody. I don't know. In any case, we can be sure Arizona won't be cast into a lake of fire for the impiety of its legislature.

Finally, Eric Holder says that the US has killed four Americans with the drone program.

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