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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/28/13

FEMA opens disaster funds to victims of the Oklahoma tornado. Affected residents are urged to register even if uninsured.

Tom Coburn digs in and says that disaster aid shouldn't be a federal responsibility. If terrorists did this, you can damned well bet Tom would be demanding that the feds get on top of this and pronto. Apparently, the difference between national defense and disaster response is... I don't know. Why don't you explain that to us, Tom? And could someone explain why Oklahomans keep reelecting this clown?

Chinese hackers gained access to a buttload of advanced US weapons systems, possibly costing the US our edge in military technology -- although the Pentagon says it's not as bad as that. Can we stop pretending these guys are our friends now?

The "both sides are just as bad" media laziness takes a big hit as the "Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University found Republican’s had made three times as many false statements as Democrats this year;"

So I guess it's not surprising that former Sen. Bob Dole -- once the gold standard for conservatism -- is less than impressed with the extremism of the current crop of Republicans.

Another day, another Republican saying something amazingly stupid about women.

Greg Sargent has a good piece up about how Republicans aren't at all serious about actually goverrning. My favorite observation: that the GOP is complaining that Obama is too distracted by scandals to pay attention to their griping. Seriously. These are children.

This is great: Glenn Beck wonders why everyone wants to label him a conspiracy theorist and concludes that it's all a big conspiracy. Seriously.

Online clothing retailer Asos recalls a bunch of belts after they were discovered to have a tiny flaw -- they're freakin' radioactive.

Finally, Tea Party nutbag and Yakov Smirnoff impersonator Joe Miller wants another stab at an Alaska Senate seat -- guess he's still a sore loser. What a country!

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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