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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/30/13

How long before we hear that Michele Bachmann's been picked up by Fox News? The announcement almost seems a little overdue.

In further speculative Bachmann news, Caitlin Dickson at The Daily Beast has a short list of candidates who could take over the office of Craziest Member of the House of Representatives after Shelly boxes up her stuff. My money's on Louie Gohmert, but there's a fine line between crazy and just dumb and Louie kind of straddles it. Besides, who can match Bachmann in the crazy eyes department?

One more possible reason Bachmann may be stepping down -- she's not raising money as well as she used to.

She was also a legislative failure.

Rightwing intellectual lightweight Erick Erickson continues to be a pig.

MSNBC's ratings are down and Ed Kilgore looks at a couple of good explanations for it.

This is kind of hilarious. A conservative blog reports that the IRS' Lois Lerner, the central figure in the IRS/Tea Party controversy, may have tried to strongarm a Republican candidate into dropping out of politics. True or untrue doesn't matter, the wingnut blogosphere is eating it up -- despite the fact that it lets Pres. Obama off the hook for the whole fiasco. In other words, they're all excited over a report that kills the story as an "Obama scandal." One of their most cherished impeachment fantasies is dying in front of them and they're applauding wildly. I'd love to see just one of their faces when the realization sinks in. I'm imagining something along these lines.

Another day, another casual threat of Tea Party terrorism.

An appeals court rules in favor of Wisconsin's voter ID law, but the law is still blocked pending appeals on other grounds.

Finally, the US is so saturated with handguns that you can just find them lying around. Case in point, a lucky woman found one on a ride at Disney World -- lucky as in "lucky her grandson didn't find it first." But don't worry, the gun belongs to Angelo Lista, who the state of Florida has ordained a 100% Responsible Gun Owner with a concealed carry permit. Lista says he misplaced the gun and, you know, these things happen. Guns are also banned at Disney World, but you know, these things will also happen. The important thing to remember is that people with concealed carry permits are guaranteed responsible gun owners and you shouldn't worry at all, even when they leave their guns laying around in kiddie parks.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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