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Friday, May 03, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/3/13

Republicans sure do love their pointless and unconstitutional gun laws, don’t they? In this episode, KS Gov. Sam Brownback defends a state law exempting guns made in Kansas from federal gun laws. Things is, Kansas doesn’t get to write exceptions to federal law. This thing is dead the moment it hits a court. It’s just a political stunt and a waste of everyone’s time.

Francine Wheeler, whose six year-old son Ben was killed in the Sandy Hook Massacre, tells Bill Moyers, "Our hearts are broken, our spirit is not." It's over when we win.

Rush transcript of speakers from the NRA’s big convention so far: "We’re victims! Pity us! WAAAAH!" You’d think they were the ones getting shot and killed all over America, instead of just rolling through with their tinted limo windows rolled up, counting blood money.

Also, the NRA has apparently decided that too few children are being shot these days.

The Kermit Gosnell abortion/murder case may not be as cut and dried as the right would like you to believe. Jurors are in their fourth day of deliberations. Clearly, at least one of the charges is not at all a slam dunk.

Rush Limbaugh has the sads because people who talk about tolerance won’t tolerate his intolerance and are, therefore, intolerant themselves. I’d try to rearrange that sentence so it made a little more sense, but unfortunately it can’t be done. It’s complete nonsense. It’s the biggest stretch in reaching for the victim card I’ve seen this week.

Steve Benen calls the relentless search for some sort of scandal in Benghazi the "Republicans’ white whale." You’d think they get tired of freaking out, then looking around and seeing that everyone else has moved on and no one cares. They keep insisting there’s some sort of scandal there, but they never seem to come up with one. It’s actually a little pathetic.

Here’s a surprise: Fox News host Andrea Tantaros is a terrible person, as well as a liar.

Finally, a California rising star Republican op has spent years pretending to be a Jewish Holocaust expert named David Stein. In reality, he is very much the opposite -- David Cole, a once-notorious anti-Semite and holocaust denier who used to troll daytime talk shows back in the '90s. Does anyone in the GOP check resumes and references?

[cartoon via US News]

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