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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Stories to Watch: 5/8/13

It’s actually a pretty slow news day in American politics, so this will probably be short. The biggest news seems to be that Mark Sanford pulled out a win against Elizabeth Colbert Busch in South Carolina. Colbert Busch can take some comfort in the fact that Sanford didn’t win by running against her, but by "nationalizing the race" and running against Nancy Pelosi and a possible Democratic House majority. This is a deeply red district, after all, and the fact that she was ever ahead also says more about Sanford than it does about her.

Also in Mark Sanford news, the Republican Party cut him off for a reason -- the man is an ongoing trainwreck of a sex scandal and probable mental health issues (a big issue in the election was that he’d been stalking his ex-wife). But now that he’s won, cutting him off seems a lot less wise. He won’t be very interested in party loyalty at a time when the party needs to tame extremist voices like his own. This may not go well for the GOP -- especially if he’s the obsessive sort who nurses grudges. You know the kind; the sort of nutjob who’d stalk his ex-wife.

Hey, remember way back when the Obamacare debate was still going on?  Republicans found it hilarious that Obama thought he could make up a lot of revenue and bring down costs by fighting "waste, fraud, and abuse" in Medicare. Silly man...

A Christian finds out what it’s like to be a Muslim in the US military. The hatred and bigotry from both rank-and-file personnel and officers led her "to consider suicide."

Shorter Dick Cheney: the Obama administration should’ve been as prepared for the attack in Benghazi as the Bush administration was on 9/11... No, not that 9/11. He didn’t mean the big, giant terrorist attack that they were completely unprepared for. He meant the anniversaries of the big, giant terrorist attack that they were completely unprepared for. Sometimes, I think Dick’s heart was eaten away by all the shameless hypocrisy.

This is hilarious: the very same day the Dow hit an all-time high, a bunch of Tea Party whackjobs demand Pres. Obama be impeached for ruining the stock market. Bonus fun: you can’t impeach the president for screwing up the stock market anyway, since that’s not "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Finally, Darrell Issa’s supposedly big groundbreaking Benghazi hearing was such a yawnfest that Issa tweeted a warning not to get too excited about it.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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