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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boy finds loaded assault weapon in movie theater bathroom A 9-year-old boy found a loaded handgun inside an Ybor City movie theater bathroom on Father’s Day.

The gun was a Glock 26 9mm.

“My son opened the door and immediately said dad there’s a gun in the bathroom,” recounted Wesley Noland, the boy’s father.

Noland was at the Muvico theater in Centro Ybor with his two sons to see the new Superman movie.

He said the weapon was sitting on top of the toilet paper dispenser.

“When I was in the bathroom there were two other fathers and three kids and the theater was very busy and the place was full of kids and families.”

Noland, an ex-Marine who has a Concealed Weapons Permit, said he immediately secured the handgun and called police.
“That the gun could have been picked up by a child, or it could have been picked up by a convicted felon or a rowdy group of teenagers or something like that,” Noland said. “But in any case, it could have been used in a crime or accidentally discharged and it could have killed somebody in the theater — worst of all a kid.”

The Glock 26 semi-automatic pistol was covered under the now-expired Assault Weapons Ban — which means that America is now so saturated with firearms that you can just find assault weapons just laying around.

[photo via Wikimedia Commons]

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