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Monday, June 17, 2013

Stories to Watch: 6/17/13

Ted Cruz says he'll file an amendment to the immigration bill that requires states to demand proof of citizenship before registering a voter -- despite the fact that the Supreme Court had ruled such a requirement illegal earlier in the day. SCOTUS ruled that Arizona's law with that requirement conflicted with federal law, so Arizona's law had to give. Cruz thinks he can remedy that, but his amendment will likely never see the light of day. He's grandstanding and wasting everyone's time.

Lindsey Graham warns that without immigration reform, the GOP is circling the drain.

Texas Republican Rep. Kenny Marchant  doesn't support immigration reform because he's pretty sure he'd lose in a heartbeat if more Latinos voted. We've all heard this argument plenty of times and here's the thing: if someone started on the path to citizenship tomorrow, they wouldn't have the right to vote for thirteen years or more, the way the bill is written. In other words, people like Kenny don't think thirteen years is enough time to mend fences with Latino voters and be competitive with that demographic. My guess is because they don't even want to try.

As is the case with every other issue, John Boehner steadfastly refuses to try to lead on immigration in the house.

Rand Paul is no friend of democracy. And people who aren't friends of democracy -- no matter how much they pretend otherwise -- are not friends of freedom. Rand thinks the proles (meaning you) don't know what's good for them.

An example of the sort of thing that makes Paul leery of democracy: voters -- by healthy margins -- believe protecting public lands is more important than "drill baby, drill!" The horror.

Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt is starting to get really Nazi-ish.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to reignite the Benghazi hysteria and winds up reminding everyone that he's a boob.

Finally, a McDonald's worker sues when she recieves her first paycheck in the form of a "Chase Bank debit card with instructions on how to use it and the fees attached." She was told her options were enrich JP Morgan Chase with pointless fees or... OK, I'm lying, there was no other option.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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