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Friday, June 28, 2013

Stories to Watch: 6/28/31

Scandalmania '13 seems to have fizzled out and gone the way of 'Fast & Furious' (forgot about that one, didn't you?). You expect Republicans to try to launch this sort of "narrative," because they're all such shameless liars. But shame on most of the media for playing along with it.

Here's a shocker: the doomed abortion bill passed by House Republicans would increase the deficit by more than $400 million. Republicans: always ready to flush piles of money down the toilet.

Hilarious: not-so-very smart loudmouth pundit Erick Erickson gets all bent out of shape over non-existent inflation and says that Mr. and Mrs. America have to deal with rising milk and bread costs. So Paul Krugman points out that the price of bread and milk have been pretty flat for five years and that any inflation is a figment of his imagination. Erick-Erick responds that what he said may not actually be true, but it feels true and that's what really matters. This is, of course, the very definition of the word "truthiness."

This is getting sick. Texas Governor Rick Perry -- obviously feeling the heat for a really lousy personal attack on Wendy Davis -- doubles down and says that Davis "does not understand that every life is precious." Perry has presided over more executions than any governor in the history of the United States. He can enjoy a nice cuppa STFU now.

According to two pastors, forest fires in Colorado are happening because of gay kissing and ladies in hats and pants.

Finally, RNC head Reince Priebus says immigration reform is essential to the GOP's future. John McCain concurs.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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