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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Stories to Watch: 6/5/13

Remember that study by college Republicans that showed the youth vote resoundingly rejecting the GOP? Well, Bill O'Reilly's having none of it and, when a couple of college Republicans came on his show, he made sure to yell at them to get off his lawn. "That sounds pretty immature, Ms. Smith,” O'Reilly told one of those damned kids after asking why young people don't hate Obama for the economy. “It doesn’t sound like a very objective analytical opinion, for want of a better word. So why should I care about this study, or why should the Republican Party care about a bunch of kids who don’t know anything, and they like the guy just because he’s flashy?... What message does that send to the GOP?"

Yeah Bill, the GOP should totally worry about what message things send to themselves and ignore all those voters out there. Bill's smart like that, see.

"You know what it comes down to, ladies?” Bill said. “A charismatic candidate who can reach younger people and use words they understand. It comes down to personality. That’s what it comes down to." And O'Reilly knows that because of the massive number of campaigns he's run (between none and zero). As always, Bill O'Reilly gets the facts that form his opinions straight out of his butt.

Once again, Glenn Beck sees a big conspiracy to paint him as a conspiracy theorist. "Internet conspiracy talk show host Glenn Beck claimed on his program Wednesday that nobody ever thought he was a conspiracy theorist until President Barack Obama came into office and set into motion a monstrous conspiracy to make Beck seem insane," Raw Story reports. Yeah, that doesn't sound crazy at all...

A woman who's been considered for nomination to the Supreme Court several times exposes herself as racist. Judge Edith Jones can probably scratch "be a SCOTUS Judge" off her bucket list, because it ain't never gonna happen now.

Science according to rightwing crazy people: evolution is obviously wrong because chimps can't talk.

Speaking of rightwing crazy people: Allen West couldn't even survive beyond a single two-year House term -- so of course, he suspects he might be popular enough to run for president.

President Obama appoints Susan Rice to be his National Security Adviser. Republicans had scapegoated Rice over Benghazi, so they're not going to like this. But there's nothing they can do, so suck on it.

A call to uncover the facts the NRA doesn't want you to know.

Shocking and shameful religious intolerance in Tennessee. These people are the very worst America has to offer.

The FDA wins a partial victory as a court rules to allow restrictions for some over-the-counter emergency contraception to girls 15 or older, while the agency appeals a ruling lifting those restrictions. Because kids younger than that never get pregnant, right? Why the White House fought the original ruling  is a complete mystery to me. They're as wrong on this one as wrong can be and young women are the losers. Lives will be ruined, if not lost, because of this. It's one of the great disappointments of this presidency and it gets almost no coverage.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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