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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miami suffers it’s worst mass shooting since 1982

Graffiti handgun
Reuters: A man who shot and killed six people in a Miami-area apartment building called 911 hours beforehand and said he believed he was being followed and that someone was performing witchcraft on him, according to a copy of the call released on Wednesday.

A SWAT team stormed the man’s apartment building in a raid early Saturday, killing the gunman, Pedro Alberto Vargas, after he set his apartment on fire, went on a shooting rampage and took two people hostage.

In a 12-minute 911 call released by police, Vargas asked an operator to check a license plate of a vehicle he said was outside of the building.
Just another day in America, where all the guns keep us so goddam safe.

[photo by plastictaxi]

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