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Monday, July 22, 2013

Stories to Watch: 7/22/13

George Zimmerman emerges from hiding to help a family in an overturned car. The right is treating this like proof that Zimmerman's critics have judged him unfairly, is if it's physically impossible for someone who profiled and killed a kid unjustly to ever do anything remotely decent or human. As always, logic is absent from the wingnut side of the conversation.

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh would like to know why it is that white people get blamed for slavery.

Pres. Obama plans to go on the offensive on the issue of the economy.

A huge jailbreak by Al Qaeda in Iraq releases hundreds -- if not more than 1,000 -- inmates from Abu Ghraib in Iraq. ThinkProgress's Hayes Brown has a good take on the story,

Statistician Nate Silver is moving from the New York Times to ESPN and ABC. This makes a lot of sense, since Silver actually began his career as a Sabermetrics analyst predicting baseball outcomes and it's a long stretch between presidential campaigns. And apparently, he wasn't a good fit over at the Times anyway. He'll appear as a contributor on ABC during election years.

Count John McCain out on any further hostage-taking over the debt ceiling.

A CNN contributor say Kate Middleton is "brilliant" for being able to give birth to a boy. "There are women throughout British royal family history that have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy, and here we are, Kate did it first time," said Victoria Arbiter -- as if this is something you can choose to do with enough effort, willpower, and gritty can-do spirit.

Bottlenose dolphins give each other names.

Finally, the bumblebee makes an unexplained -- but not unwelcome -- comeback.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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