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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stories to Watch: 7/24/13

A family helped by George Zimmerman after an SUV crash doesn't want to be seen with him, despite his aid -- for which they say they're grateful. A spokesperson for Zimmerman's lawyers says, "They don’t want to be associated with George."

Bill O'Reilly joins most of the rest of the right in arguing that people ought to be judged by the color of their skin, not the content of their character. After all, that pretty much is the definition of racial profiling, isn't it?

Louie Gohmert said something stupid again -- this time with bonus racism.

A County Clerk in Pennsylvania begins issuing same-sex marriage licenses -- despite that state's ban on such issuances. This follows state Attorney General Kathleen Kane's announcement a few weeks ago that she would not defend the law in court, because she believes it's unconstitutional. You have to assume that means she won't enforce it, either.

North Carolinians will soon be able to carry guns in playgrounds and bars, which I'm sure won't lead to entirely predictable tragedies at all. That state's legislature has also decided to join the Republican War on Voting.

Duelling polls: an ABC News poll finds that "more Americans than ever want the Affordable Care Act repealed." Meanwhile, a National Journal poll finds that a majority of Americans don't want Obamacare repealed. Looks like we need a tie breaker, although NJ's numbers get even better when respondents are told about a CBO report that showing repeal would increase the deficit. If the White House wants to get more people on board with it, it looks like that's your ticket.

A lobbying shop for fraternities is blocking anti-hazing legislation, despite the fact that it would unquestionably save lives.

If you were hoping for an Anthony Weiner comeback, you can't probably stop.

Mitch McConnell could be looking at some real primary election trouble.

Finally, a serious problem is highlighted by the UN with a somewhat silly-sounding day of awareness, so Happy World Toilet Day.

[cartoon via USA Today]

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