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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rightwing blogosphere catches a dose of Mad Deer Disease

Panic button on PC keyboard
This one’s kind of hilarious, once you get past the sad. So here goes the sad: a bunch of armed government agents raided a Society of St. Francis animal shelter in Wisconsin to take out a baby deer. No doubt, they were concerned about Chronic Wasting Disease, which is like Mad Cow for deer. When you come across an orphaned fawn, you’ve got to wonder what happened to mom, especially when you’re fighting a contagion that constantly threatens to turn into an epidemic. In any case, it’s a violation of law to keep wildlife.

OK, so that’s the sad.

It turns out that the wingnut blogosphere got wind of this, including the National Review’s Mark Steyn, who’s regarded as one of the smart guys on the right. Anyhoo, this is the worst thing ever and an example of big federal gummint overreach and here comes communism and HIDE THE CHILDREN FOR THE SWEET LOVE OF GOD!

The whole thing was done under the auspices of the Department of Natural Resources. If that federal agency doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because it doesn’t exist — not as a federal agency, anyway. It’s a state agency. A Wisconsin state agency. A Wisconsin state agency that’s part of the administration of Tea Party hero Gov. Scott Walker. It’s not an example of federal government gone mad, it’s one of local government losing it’s marbles under one of their beloved authoritarian ideologues.

Let the furious backpedaling begin.

[photo by star5112]

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