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Friday, August 16, 2013

RNC finalizes NBC, CNN debate boycott

Liberal Youth: BREAKING: The RNC has passed a resolution to ban CNN, NBC from 2016 GOP primary debates if they continue with Hillary Clinton programs.
The Hillary documentaries are actually a pretense. There hasn’t even been scripts written yet, so the idea that they’re pro-Clinton propaganda would be ridiculous speculation, if it was really the reason.

In the 2012 autopsy report, the RNC concluded that one of the things that sunk the party’s presidential chances was the fact that there were a bazillion primary debates, allowing low-wattage candidates like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann far too many opportunities to step in front of a camera and say something flabbergastingly stupid. All the documentaries do is allow them to throw out the victim card while they do what they’ve been planning to do for months.

If you want further proof that this is the case, take the news that the GOP is looking to talk radio for debate moderators. If the party didn’t think debates were a big problem, they wouldn’t be talking about having Sean Hannity ask candidates why they’re so awesome.

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