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Monday, August 12, 2013

Stories to Watch: 8/12/13

The last word on the amazingly insensitive plan to display open firearms at a Newtown, CT Starbucks -- thwarted by Starbucks themselves -- from the co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise. The event was actually part of a nationwide protest, organized in part by a white nationalist hate group. The gatherings were scheduled to coincide with "Robert E. Lee Day."

I've been waiting for this one, because you know it had to happen eventually: a religious right loon comes out in defense of Russia's sweeping anti-gay law.

Related: a Russian official says the law will be enforced during the Winter Olympics. The IOC says they'll likewise punish any athlete who makes a "political statement" while in Russia -- here's where their reasoning goes off the rails. Taken altogether, I'd say an international incident is pretty much guaranteed.

In monster-turns-on-mad-scientist-who-created-it news: a bunch of chumps freaked out about BENGHAZI!! turn on John Boehner with an ad campaign painting him as part of a cover-up.

Birthers are back and ready to impeach Obama. Or not impeach Obama. Or something. Lunatics aren't very good at making themselves understood.

Chinese hackers recently attacked "an organization involved in shaping economic policy."  According to the report, a cyber-security firm has detected "a retooling of what security researchers believe is a massive spying operation based in China."

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signs a bill that launches a massive voter suppression effort and, in doing so, becomes America's greatest -- and latest -- enemy of democracy.

Dave Weigel looks at the end of NYC's "stop and frisk" policy through the lens of the New York City mayoral race.

I often say that conservatives never think anything all the way through. They just think until they reach the conclusion they want, then stop thinking before reason screws everything up. Rush Limbaugh proves this by arguing that Christians can't believe in global warming, because only God has the ability to do that sort of damage. If Rush had followed this own thought to its logical conclusion, he'd also have to argue that nuclear weapons are some sort of ridiculous hoax.

Finally, Sen. Ted Cruz's father is as batshit crazy as he is. He may even be farther gone.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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