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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stories to Watch: 8/20/13

Nine term Democratic state Senator Ellie Kinnaird resigns her seat to fight North Carolina's voter suppression law fulltime. These laws are racist and there's really no denying it.

Did the Obama administration temporarily cut off military aid to Egypt? Depends on who you ask.

Related: Foreign Policy's Aaron David Miller argues that Pres. Obama's approach to the crisis in Egypt is entirely sensible, given his policy goals. Ed Kilgore crunches the domestic numbers to show it makes sense on the public opinion front as well.

Seven members of the Maine Republican Party leave the GOP because things aren't going exactly the way they want them to. Seems they think Republicans aren't libertarian enough -- which makes no sense at all, since Libertarians are an actual party already. It's like complaining that Democrats aren't Bullmoose enough. Still, this is the sort of thing you're going to get when you use rightwing media to convince a generation of conservatives that anything that isn't exactly what they want is automatically Soviet-style Marxism. The party is finally beginning to collapse under the weight of their own bullshit.

Also from Maine: Gov. Paul LePage says Pres. Obama "hates white people" -- mostly because LePage is easily the most insane governor in these United States

RIP novelist Elmore Leonard.

Justice Antonin Scalia displays his deep-thinker status by complaining that the Supreme Court shouldn't "invent new minorities." Thing is, the only way for a court to "create" a minority is to kill a whole bunch of people in the majority. SCOTUS doesn't do that. So minorities are created by reality -- which, as a conservative, he bitterly opposes.

Finally, Ted Cruz has to renounce his Canadian citizenship to prove he's not a gummint-healthcare-loving commie.

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