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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Stories to Watch: 8/8/13

People may not be as ready to burn Obamacare to the ground and salt the earth on which it stood as the GOP would like to believe.

How far do you have to go to find political candidates dumber than the average Tea Party candidate? Quite a ways, it seems. Meet Queensland parliamentary candidate Stephanie Banister, who says she doesn't oppose Islam "as a country" and thinks Jews are OK because "they follow Jesus Christ." She's being called "Australia's Sarah Palin" -- a comparison I think is probably terribly unfair to Banister.

Speaking of dumb people, Florida Rep. Ted Yoho seems intent on joining Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and Louie Gohmert is the House Republican Numbskull Caucus. After arguing that an Obamacare tax on tanning beds was racist, Yoho is now arguing that America's creditors would probably be happy if the US defaulted on its debt. You have to wonder whether it's the word "creditor" or "default" that Ted doesn't understand here.

Slate announces they will stop refering to the Washington, DC NFL team as the "Redskins," because the name is just so gawdawfully racist. Of course, this leads an avalanche of white conservatives to believe they can dictate to Native Americans what is and isn't offensive. What the right calls "political correctness gone mad," the left calls "not being assholes to people." I'm pretty comfortable taking the side of Slate on this one.

Ted Cruz is sad about the way people see conservatives. According to him, liberals and the media only see conservatives as evil or stupid. But he believe's he's special and deserves a separate category, which is "crazy." Allow me introduce you to Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sen. Cruz. Everyone thinks she's a nutjob so, no, you're not special.

Washington Republican Rep. Dave Reichert comes out in favor of immigration reform, complete with the path to citizenship. Greg Sargent notes that Reichert's argument could show other Republicans how to navigate the minefield of supporting reform without antagonizing the base. I think reform still has an uphill battle and will probably die in the House, but I hope not.

Is the GOP losing seniors now, too?

In red states, people at the bottom of the economic ladder are trapped in poverty for generations. The reason: blue state progressive taxation works, red state punishing the poor for being poor does not.

All that austerity is sure turning Greece's economy around, huh?

Finally, Maine resident Adam Keene is both a Second Amerndment Hero and Father of the Year for making sure his four year-old son would not have to face nightmarish dangers of day care unarmed. America salutes you, Great Patriot.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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