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Friday, September 20, 2013

After Starbucks Fiasco, Gun Enthusiasts Point Fingers at Gun Nuts

"It was you that turned Starbucks into a political battleground. It was you that couldn’t just take the victory of Starbucks saying it would abide by local laws rather than ban guns. It was you who had to push the limits and do things utterly unacceptable among almost any normal community in the United States just so you could brag to your equally moronic Facetwit buddies. You did this. You gave the entire Second Amendment movement a huge black eye. You just educated America, all right, you educated them into believing that gun owners are a bunch of retarded monkeys who’ll throw feces the first chance they get if it’s legalized."
--Gun enthusiast site, in an open letter to open-carry extremists who politicized Starbucks and wound up getting guns kicked out of the chain.
This whole story actually backs up a long-standing theory of mine; that a lot of people are conservative because it gives them permission to be jerks. These clowns weren’t parading around with assault rifles and shotguns to make some sort of point, they were doing it to rub peoples faces in it. They’re just contrary children who, on being told to go to bed, cry and shriek that they’re never going to go to bed ever again, nevereverever! They want to be allowed to carry guns everywhere; but not because they think Starbucks is an especially dangerous place, but because they think it makes liberals mad.

And that’s what’s going to screw them in the end, as it’s screwed them here. Assholery is not rewarded, because no one likes assholes. As explains, “You can croon about how you’re educating the public all you want, but it’s bullcrap. And here’s a perfect example. Did you convert the average American? No. But you scared enough soccer moms, kids, and coffee jockeys that Starbucks was forced to take action.”

They forced this setback on themselves. And it’s going to keep happening to them, as long as they use the Second Amendment as nothing but an excuse to poke liberals with a stick.

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