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Monday, September 23, 2013

Stories to Watch: 9/23/13

Jonathan Bernstein takes a look at what will happen if the government actually does shut down -- specifically, who'll point fingers at whom, who'll get screwed, and how the problem would eventually be resolved. Here's how it would screw up the economy. Here's how it would screw soldiers. The clock is ticking.

Ted Cruz continues to talk a good game, but the fact is he's got nuthin'. And House GOP think they're helping, but they're really just leaving him screwed.

Lindsey Graham engages in some gratuitous anti-Muslim bigotry, because he's both up for reelection and a dick.

Krugman takes on the GOP and their attack on the poor by slashing food stamps. It used to be we waged war on poverty, now we wage war on the poor.

Here's a surprise; election officials find a Virginia voter purge is a clusterfuck of egregious errors.

Also from Virginia, that state's Republican candidate for Lt. Governor attacks anyone who isn't a Christian, saying all non-Christians "are engaged in some sort of false religion." Man, they are going to lose so bad there.

Shocking racism and sexism from Pennsylvania school officials. These are just awful people.

What we can learn from a terrorist attack in Kenya.

Finally, Nancy Pelosi hopes to force GOP leadership to deal with immigration reform. As you may remember, Boehner and company were hoping reform would die a quiet death from neglect.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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