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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stories to Watch: 9/4/13

Rand Paul has held two positions on filibustering the Syria resolution today -- one of which is somehow the media's fault. This is part of a larger problem the GOP has on the issue. Before Pres. Obama asked congress to authorize force, Republicans were all hawks who were angry that the President wasn't threatening Syria enough and posturing like a macho jerk trying to start a barroom brawl. Now that they have the opportunity to get tough themselves... Well, that turns things around 180 degrees. Tweets Greg Sargent, "Amusing to watch righty twitterers snap fingers and make Paul Ryan's previous endorsement of 'red line' go *poof*"

Rep. Joe "You Lie!" Wilson is back and as dumb as ever. This time, he has a conspiracy theory that this whole Syria thing is just a clever distraction from the "White House scandals" that all petered out weeks ago.

One of the few 9barely) bright spots in the lead up to possible military action in Syria has been tracking clueless dopes on Twitter and Tumblr who think that WWIII is right around the corner and we're all going to die. But the Christian right end-timers have those fools beat by like a million miles. What's not so funny is that these guys have influence with Jesus posers like Rick Perry and RIck Santorum.

With news that kidnapping and enslaving rapist Ariel Castor committed suicide in his cell, Twitter erupts with cheers like, "Ariel Castro is dead!! Finally Cuba can become a democracy!!" Sometimes I despair for humanity.

Fracking can cause chain reaction earthquakes across the globe. According to the report, a new study has "found that big quakes in Japan and Indonesia triggered quakes in areas of western Texas and southern Colorado with many injection wells."

Obamacare may not be extremely popular, but the idea of defunding it is literally less popular than cockroaches.

Reports of an Anthony Weiner "meltdown" are somewhat exaggerated, as it turns out Wiener was defending his wife from an anti-Arab racist. Weiner's campaign is circling the drain and it probably deserves to be, but you can't really fault him on this one. I'd question his judgement if he didn't go off on the clown.

Is John Boehner planning on retiring after 2014? If so, what's wrong with before 2014 or at 2014? Why win an election only to bolt right away?

Finally, the FDA says that one in seven households can't get enough nutritious food, which makes it a perfect time for Tea Party governors to start axing food stamp programs. Can we please vote these immoral jackasses out at the earliest opportunity?

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