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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today’s Tale of Second Amendment Heroism

Crime scene
Two concealed-carry heroes save America from each other.
WZZM (emphasis mine): IONIA, Mich. — Two drivers are dead after a road rage incident escalated into a shootout. The incident happened around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday on M-66 near Steele Street.\

Witnesses tell WZZM 13 one driver was following another driver too closely. The first driver pulled into the Wonder Wand Car Wash parking lot and the other driver followed him into the lot.

Witnesses say the driver of the following car fired shots, and the first driver returned fire. Both drivers were shot and killed. Authorities say both men had licenses to carry concealed weapons.
So don’t worry, it only seems like these guys were endangering the lives of people all around them. They had the Official State of Michigan Responsible Gun Owner Seal of Approval, so it’s simply not possible that they were two dangerous clowns who should never have been allowed within a mile of a loaded weapon. That’s an optical illusion or something. They were Second Amendment Heroes in the truest sense — it’s practically science.

If you doubt that, I give their deaths as evidence; they selflessly sacrificed themselves to protect the unarmed public from… well, from them.

[photo by washingtonydc]

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