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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another day, another story of Republican racism

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Raw Story: A Minnesota Republican official says he doesn’t see anything wrong with a post about slavery on a county GOP Facebook page.

The Chisago County Republican Party drew national attention Wednesday after posting an illustration of a slave auction with the caption, “Pro Choice: Against Slavery? Don’t buy one.”

The illustration mimics a slogan about abortion sometimes seen on pro-choice bumper stickers.

The group removed the Facebook post from its page early Wednesday afternoon, and then removed its page entirely a few hours later.

But the county GOP later restored its Facebook page, with an apology.
And that apology is BS. “The Chisago County Republican Party is very sorry that something so clearly improper (either intended or in poor taste) ever made it to our page,” the group wrote in a statement. “Postings like this are not representative of our party.”

Not representative of your party? I see stories like this one every few days. This is totally representative of your party. Republicans would be a lot better off if they took all the energy they invested in whining about how unfair it is that everyone calls them racist and used it instead to stop being so goddam racist.

[image by Sean MacEntee]

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