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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Stories to Watch: 10/2/13

You know what's positively evil in the blame game over the government shutdown? The fact that Republicans know exactly how much damage they're doing to real people. And that their first worry is not how to help these Americans, but how to blame Democrats for the misery. Example: conservatives get creative with editing to make it seem like Harry Reid doesn't give a rats ass about kids with cancer. Republicans could end this shutdown in a few minutes, if they chose to. They choose not to, proving they don't give a rat's ass about kids with cancer. All they care about is that they don't get blamed for any death toll. People aren't getting food assistance, clinics are shutting down, people trying to start new small businesses are put on hold, families are losing a paycheck, and all Republicans care about is whether they can convince you it's not all their fault -- not whether they can do anything to stop it. These people are freakin' psychopaths.

Speaking of which, the RNC's message of the day seems to be, "Hey, look over there at the WWII Memorial!" Meanwhile, there are things that really affect veterans in very real ways that they'd rather you didn't waste a lot of time worrying about.

It's official: the House has the votes to end the shutdown. All Boehner has to do is bring a clean CR to a vote. It would win.

Of course, if Republicans pass a CR  -- and then we get through a debt ceiling fight -- without beating Obamacare, what happens? It's a damned good question, because that's exactly what's going to happen eventually. The GOP -- and the Tea Party especially -- have been running against the Affordable Care Act for so long and so hard that it's become their brand. Without it, they barely have a reason to exist. You think they're crazy now? Just wait until the entire American right is in the throes of an existential crisis. It'll be like trying to babysit a pack of insane infant weasels with boxcutters. This is really gonna suck.

A federal judge puts white nativist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a short leash.

Finally, Butch Matthews is a prime example of what the GOP freakout over Obamacare is all about. He bought the Republican line about creeping socialism and opposed the Affordable Care Act -- until he found out it'll save him $13,000 a year as a small business owner. Now he's a fan. People will like Obamacare -- and Democrats will get voters out of it, while Republicans will be remembered as the people who not only opposed it, but lied about it.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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