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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stories to Watch: 10/29/13

Paul Krugman on why the Obamacare website probably isn't the big, damaging deal that some people think it is.

Trayvon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton testified before a Senate panel on "Stand Your Ground" laws: "We need to do something about this law when our kids cannot feel safe in their own community."

What's it like to live where everyone enjoys shooting firearms all the goddam time? The words I'd go with are "dangerous" and "unnerving." People need to remember that when you hear the words "responsible gun owner," they may be talking about the idiot who cut you off on the beltline. The next time you're in traffic, imagine everyone in every car around you has a gun and that everyone uses it as responsibly as they do their vehicles. Chilling, isn't it? That's reality.

Democrats introduce a bill to end debt limit hostage-taking.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sees the Divine Hand of the Almighty helping him over the rough patches in his political career. Remember the last Republican who thought God was his biggest supporter? Yeah, that guy kinda sucked a lot.

If Republicans don't win a majority in the Senate in 2014, they're probably not going to for quite a while -- that is, assuming the base doesn't drive the party to extinction. So expect a lot of crooked election year shenanigans. If they can't win it, they'll try to steal it. They have to.

Finally, that story about insurance cancellation letters due to Obamacare is starting to look more and more like a case of bad reporting.

[cartoon via USA Today]

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