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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Stories to Watch: 10/9/13

Got something I need to do here, so you get the headlines a tad bit early. As always, hover your cursor over the links to preview the headlines.

House Republicans have moved so far to the right that they're actually being rebuked by the Koch brothers.

Also wandering off the wingut preserve: rightwing columnist John Podhoretz.

Meanwhile, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan both seem to have given up on making a dent in Obamacare. This makes wingnuts sad.

House Republicans are extremely hostile to facts. But of course, that's nothing new. In this case in particular, the fact they hate is the fact that they literally have a lower approval rating than dog shit.

Have Republicans even heard of the 14th Amendment?

Just a reminder: this whole Obamacare/shutdown/tantrum hullabaloo is basically a racist panic that people of color (i.e., "welfare queens") are going to get something they don't deserve, like say, to live. Race-baiting and red-baiting have been the driving forces in conservative politics for my entire life. So no one should be especally shocked by the accusation.

Louie Gohmert said something stupid again. I'm always amazed by how the concept of compounding interest seems so completely beyond so many conservatives' understanding.

When will people realize that George Will is just a hack?

Good news for skeezy pricks: it's totally legal to sexually harrass unpaid interns.

Finally, allow me a quote from Right Wing Watch's Kyle Mantyla: "Remember when the entire conservative movement lost their minds because the Dixie Chicks said they didn't like President George W. Bush? Remember that?"

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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