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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second Amendment Hero accidentally fires gun in Walmart, pretends nothing happened

Traverse City Record-Eagle, Iowa: Police said a man whose gun accidentally fired in his pants pocket while at Walmart on Sunday kept on shopping, paying for his items and leaving as though nothing had happened.

Christopher William Strube, 50, was arrested Monday and charged with discharging a weapon within city limits.

Strube was shopping Sunday afternoon with his .45-caliber gun in his pocket, when a bottle he was carrying bumped into the gun and caused it to fire one round, police said. Strube told police that after the gun went off, he paid for his items and left the store.

Employees and customers said they heard a gunshot and smelled gun powder. Police later found a .45-caliber bullet inside a can of beans.
Strube is a government-certified Responsible Gun Owner, as evidenced by his possession of a concealed carry permit. They don’t hand those out to just anyone, you know. [correction: they hand those out to just anyone]

I’ve noticed that a lot of these stories happen in Walmarts. Why are people so freakin’ terrified to go into Walmart unarmed?

For some things, there are no good answers. But it’s good to know that Strube handled the incident responsibly, continuing to shop and hoping no one noticed. Just walk around like nothing happened and hope someone blames it on someone else. Because a pocket-fire and a fart are both accidental discharges from your pants, so why should the two be treated any differently?

[photo via Wikimedia Commons]

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