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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stories to Watch: 11/14/13

Well that didn't take long. The White House is already being forced to defend the legality of the Obamacare fix it announced just hours ago.

On a related note, insurers are reportedly "furious" over Obama's fix -- which begs the question, why weren't they clawing their eyes out when Republicans wanted to reinstate canceled policies? I'm guessing it's not the reinstatement that's the problem, it's the "you have to tell customers how bad their insurance sucks, so they can drop it at the earliest opportunity" provision. Still, this whole thing seems like something the Obama administration just pulled out of a hat this morning. This 'fix' definitely does not have the ring of a well-seasoned plan. Nancy Pelosi's onboard with it, though. But she also says "we have our own proposal which we think is really good." Sounds like a plan B's in the offing.

Just a personal observation that I think is important: I know a lot has been made about how few are actually facing these insurance cancelations and how they'd all be able to get better plans if the website is working. But the website isn't working, which means these people -- through no fault of their own -- find themselves suddenly uninsured. That sucks. We do need to fix that. They may have lousy insurance, but it's probably better than nothing.

Wausau, Wisconsin politely requests that Sarah Palin STFU about a made up "War on Christmas" in their town, thank you very much.

Republicans turn a House committee hearing on the EPA into a farce. One rep actually tried to make it about Obamcare -- seriously. Clowns. Clowns as far as the eye can see.

Louie Gohmert said something stupid again.

More guns =  more suicides. Just another of the many ways firearms keep everyone so damned safe.

In case you haven't noticed, Ted Cruz has a stratospheric ego.

And here comes George W. Bush, shilling for a cult. The world is so much safer with this lunatic out of office.

Finally, since 60 Minutes' big BENGHAZI!! story imploded, CBS News will conduct a "journalistic review" of what exactly went wrong. My input: don't try to cover "stories" that have been debunked a quadzillion times -- no matter how photogenic you think your "new witness" might be and no matter what kind of ratings bonanza you think throwing red meat to the 'baggers will create. Just don't. You'll regret it every time.

[cartoon via USA Today]

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