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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stories to Watch: 11/21/13

Stephen Colbert's segment on Walmart is getting the company some unwelcome attention.

Is BP hiring trolls to attack its critics on Facebook? If so, they're responsible for death threats. One of the nastier stories you'll read today.

Speaking of death threats, Fox News is also responsible for a few after sensationalizing a story about a school district and the pledge of allegiance.

Democrats look toward killing the Farm Bill entirely in order to save food stamps from cruel, stupid, and draconian Republican cuts.

When wingnuts and Republicans tell lies about filibuster reform, CNN is there -- to repeat them. Meanwhile, Wonkblog has the skinny on the rules change.

Mired in a bribery scandal, Utah's Attorney General resigns from office. He denies everything.

The story you just knew was coming: a writer for the rightwing website WorldNetDaily argues that George Zimmerman's recent domestic violence arrest is the media's fault. Of course, Jack Cashill has skin in this particular game -- he just published a pro-Zimmerman book and he really doesn't want it to all be proven wrong immediately, thus rendering it completely unsalable. Still, you should probably expect the 'baggers to eat the story up. Not only are they currently being embarrassed by their previous very vocal support of a very violent nutcase, but they love a good conspiracy theory -- the crazier, the better. And this one is certainly crazy.

Fox's John Stossel continues to demonstrate his complete worthlessness as a human being by urging viewers not to help the homeless.

Republicans have pretty much given up on repealing Obamacare, but they're spinning their non-action into some sort of action -- they say they're going to sit back and watch it self-destruct. The thing is, the nuts are falling for it. They really think doing nothing is something.

Finally, Jonathon Capehart reminds us that, as bad as Pres. Obama's numbers are, Republicans' are worse. The Grand Old Party would love approval ratings as "terrible" as Obama's.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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