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Friday, November 22, 2013

Stories to Watch: 11/22/13

President Obama declares a day of remembrance for John F. Kennedy: "While President Kennedy's life was tragically cut short, his vision lives on in the generations he inspired -- volunteers who serve as ambassadors for peace in distant corners of the globe, scientists and engineers who reach for new heights in the face of impossible odds, innovators who set their sights on the new frontiers of our time. Today and in the decades to come, let us carry his legacy forward. Let us face today's tests by beckoning the spirit he embodied -- that fearless, resilient, uniquely American character that has always driven our Nation to defy the odds, write our own destiny, and make the world anew."

The anti-Kennedy right has a lot in common with the anti-Obama right of today. The atmosphere in Dallas was so toxic that it was an act of courage for the president to even go there. Everyone initially assumed it was a rightwinger who murdered the president.

An exploding star 3.8 billion light-years away has shaken up just about everything we thought we knew about gamma ray bursts. “Some of our theories are just going down the drain,” says one astrophysicist.

This is kind of a big deal: In a conference call with big money donors, Mitch McConnell severely disses the Tea Party, calling them "nothing but a bunch of bullies" and promising to give them a "punch... in the nose." He called out Ted Cruz and Mike Lee by name.

John Boehner went on to the DC healthcare exchange and signed up for Obamacare. He got a killer deal.

Rush Limbuagh cranks the filibuster rules change hysteria up to eleven by comparing it to some sort of weird vote to rape women, The thing is, there are like a gazillion less tortured metaphors he could've used that would've served his argument just as well, but his mind went straight to rape. Says a lot about him.

Also pegging the hyperbole meter: Dana Milbank, who thinks that bringing democracy to the US senate is a "naked power grab" by Harry Reid and the worst thing ever.

Finally, a newly-elected schoolboard member in a town neighboring Newtown, CT is forced to apologize after saying he'd celebrate the anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre by handing out ammo to his friends. Do I have to tell you he was a Republican or is that just obvious from the story? Once again, I'm reminded of my long-standing theory -- that a lot of people become conservatives because it gives them license to be assholes.

[cartoon via Sun-Sentinel]

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