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Monday, November 25, 2013

Stories to Watch: 11/25/13

This is probably going to be a slow news week, so some of these headlines posts are probably going to be pretty short. And how fucked up is America when a gun scare at Yale results in a slow news day?

There's been a near-blackout on mainstream climate news coverage since New York Times closed their environmental news desk.

Obama's Katrina? Krugman says that Obamacare is about to become Obama's latest Benghazi -- i.e., the thing everyone continues to freak out about long after the whole thing has been resolved.

The Rand Paul staffer that Paul fired for being all racist and stuff (AKA, the "Southern Avenger") is saying that the GOP needs to take charges of racism a little more seriously.

While American and Israeli conservatives are trying to whip up hysteria over a US/Iranian nuclear deal, the Israeli security establishment are actually big fans. Conservatives don't want peace, they want war with Iran. And they've just been thwarted in a years long push for bloodshed. Hence the gnashing of teeth and rending of hair. Obama just cancelled their neocon Christmas. Now if we can just keep Senate Democrats from fucking it all up.

I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that Karl Rove is a less than trutstworthy public figure.

It's a Democratic sweep in Virginia.

The idea that "the knockout game" is a big problem is largely the invention of rightwing media -- most likely to justify things like "stand your ground," concealed carry, and racist perception of "urban youth."

Texas' voter ID law is turning out to be the bureaucratic nightmare is was widely predicted to be. Republicans can stop complaining about how much they hate pointless government red tape now. It is so not true.

Hey look, my Governor's a dick.

Also in my dickish Governor news, the latest John Doe investigation must have some targets spooked. How else do you explain the amount of money being spent on trying to nip the investigation in the bud?

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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