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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stories to Watch: 11/27/13

Just a reminder:'s initial problems were the result of corporate incompetence, not government's, contrary to rightwing media narratives.

Another reminder: this is what it looks like when a Second Amendment Hero uses his God-Given Freedoms to protect himself from the government -- some clown holed up in a house in a standoff with police. History shows this never actually turns out in said hero's favor.

Mike Huckabee's radio show is canceled. Few will notice the loss. Related: Huckabee praises Lara Logan as a "hero journalist" for her attempted Benghazi hoax.

Rush Limbaugh disses the pope. There was a time when Rush thought attacking the pope was the worst thing ever! Fox Business' Stuart Varney also gets in on the action. I could link to stories like this all day long, but you get the idea. When someone starts talking like an actual Christian, it really freaks these guys out.

A Colorado lawmaker takes one for the team.

New documents reveal that the NSA monitored porn habits in order to blackmail people.

Finally, gas prices are down from what they were a year ago. Just a little media blackout story. When gas prices rise it's "OH MY GOD OBAMA'S A FAILURE DRILL BABY DRILL DO IT NOW!" When they fall, crickets.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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